Addiction can be so invidious and destructive. Addictions so often can start as something harmless but then suddenly you are ambushed: you cannot stop doing something that is becoming harmful to yourself and to others.

You may have found that your addiction started to give you some form of relief or distraction from some difficulties that you were encountering; you may have endured life as threatening or painful and your addiction provided some relief. You may now have feelings of guilt and shame as you try and manage the addiction; perhaps you are trying to keep it or its consequences away from others, especially those you love.

Often those who succumb to an addiction will be suffering from some form of pain often from their past and often without knowing the impact of what may have happened. The addiction will generally release some form of neurobiological ‘high’ which unwittingly assists the sufferer in their addictive pattern. The brain associates the addictive event with nice feelings. This also makes the pattern harder to break: it is enjoyable.

I do not wish to generalise and an addiction can take many forms, arise for many different reasons and have many different consequences to both yourself and others. In working with you I would help you to look at how the addiction may have arisen and why it continues. We would explore how you feel now, how you have felt in the past and how the addiction might best be tackled. Together we would help you to make life work better for you without your addiction, so that life itself can provide reward and fulfilment.

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