As a word ‘anxiety’ can seem so innocuous and possibly innocent: we all suffer from anxiety from time to time don’t we? The general assumption is that it is a minor insignificant inconvenience. Yet this is also what can make the condition so insidious.

The sufferer may not notice how anxiety can control their lives; often coping has become the norm.

Additionally, sometimes alternatively, underlying anxiety can be detected from uncomfortable physical symptoms such as stomach cramps, headaches, and nausea. Sufferers may find that ordinary life feels threatening, that otherwise simple tasks generate disproportionate worry and anxiety.

You may be someone who is generally able to cope with life but that an event or series of changed circumstances may knock you off course. Sometimes you may even be ambushed unexpectedly, out of the blue and cannot fathom why you suddenly have feelings of extreme anxiety when compared to normal. These symptoms are not unusual.

Whatever the degree of suffering you endure and experience I would hope to form a close therapeutic relationship with you and to explore not only your anxious feelings but also their impact, when they affect you, why they affect you as they do and to understand where all this may have come from.

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