Bereavement and loss

The crushing despair and betrayal of bereavement: how can anyone possibly understand the chasm of feelings that can accompany bereavement.

Loss from death can represent the removal of a very part of the bereaved; it can take away from you so many different people at so many different stages in life and in so many different ways. It may be that you have been bereaved through suicide or homicide and have some of the very particular feelings attached to those tragedies.

Bereavement includes many utterly tragic circumstances from which the bereaved suffer feelings associated with loss and trauma. These may include anger, bewilderment, despair, fear, hopelessness. Bereavement may challenge other areas of your life such as close relationships, your faith (if you have one), working life, family stability and many others.

The impact of bereavement can be all consuming, its tragedy extending into every area of your life. For some it may be difficult to give expression to those feelings; for some the shock may make it impossible to feel and to release feelings of grief.

The significance of loss and bereavement in a life is such that recovery is inevitably painful: it involves expressing all the feelings associated with your loss. This takes time and courage: the importance of allowing you space for your feelings to be felt, spoken and given release cannot be exaggerated. Your feelings may include regret for things said or not said; the relationship you longed for but never had; or even elements of relief and guilt.

In providing you with counselling support at this time I intend that you should find a warm space that is yours in which to express yourself and your feelings amid your loss in a way and at a pace that is most helpful to you; eventually, for you to become adjusted to your changed life and to look at how life might begin to work again for you in your future.

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