Perhaps the word depression is the one that is most used to describe how someone may feel when they cannot cope: when life feels overwhelming and hope may feel far off and unlikely; a word that can carry many assumptions both for the sufferer and non-sufferer alike.

Depression may feel crushing leaving the sufferer incapable physically; tears and other strong emotions, including anger, may spring out of nowhere. Other feelings may be experienced including crippling low self esteem, pervading anxiety, inability to trust and a host of others that make a life feel just too difficult.

It is what I call a symptom word: the result of how life in its many and various forms and challenges perhaps from the past, perhaps in the present and often a combination of both, can leave us feeling.

I would hope to form a relationship with you that will allow us to explore all your feelings and to try and understand where they may have come. I would especially hope that from this work together you would be able to become the person you truly want to be and for life to feel safe and one that you want to embrace.

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I practice from Cheltenham serving much of Gloucestershire with Cirencester, Stroud, Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Northleach all within 30 minutes travel time by car.