Divorce and separation

It would be difficult to exaggerate the range, depth and strength of emotions that may arise on divorce and separation.

You may feel as though you are in the midst of a raging storm tossed sea or at the bottom of that same sea feeling crushed and suffocated by the pressure of managing life alone. This include with worries about the impact on your children; there may be worries about whether or not you will even have a roof over your head.

In this same mix divorce and separation may involve feelings of betrayal, destroyed trust, bewilderment, anger and many other emotions associated with loss.

Amid such feelings and circumstances you may be at your most vulnerable and may find it difficult to cope with everyday life. Divorce and separation can be achingly painful and in these situations it is possible to be ambushed by other experiences in your life that come to haunt you as you try to deal with the searing stress of life collapsing all around you.

In working with clients going through divorce and separation I would hope to provide a safe sanctuary within which to talk about all your feelings and the range of difficulties that can be a part of divorce and separation. We may look together at any pattern or underlying difficulties within the relationship. We may also look at how you might want any new permanent relationship in the future to look and feel. My therapeutic aim is that you will find hope and confidence through the counselling process for a more certain and reliable future.

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