Low self confidence

I think of low self confidence especially as a restraint on your ability to fulfil your true potential and so to make the most of the unique personality and skills with which you were born.

In some ways low self confidence is closely related to low self esteem and sufferers from one may well find that they suffer from the other. Sufferers from low self confidence may find that their performance in any particular environment may vary depending on the personalities of other people: where other people are encouraging you may be able to feel confident and to perform; in others that are more challenging you may find that it is impossible just to get the words out and yet you are doing the same thing. Something inside you tells you that you are wrong or will be judged negatively.

These can be powerful and undermining messages that prevent you from fulfilling those things that you are uniquely good at and can mean that life becomes a misery. You may try to keep proving yourself to others rather than believing in your own abilities. In turn life itself may become restricted: you do not achieve what you deserve to achieve. You may make wrong decisions under pressure that may affect your future, sometimes in areas that are so important to life. These may include job, marriage, sexuality, faith, lifestyle because you are unable to pursue what you truly believe from the depth of your being.

The source of low self confidence will generally stem from unhealthy messages that you have received often in early life from a variety of potential sources at home, relations, school, from friends, authority figures and others. You may have been confident once but received a battering in later years from other forms of abusive relationship. Yes, people who relate in this way are emotionally abusive and the results can be so divisive, difficult to detect and discuss yet so damaging.

In our work together I would hope to create a warm endorsing therapeutic environment within which you felt that you were able to trust me and to talk openly about how you feel inside yourself, how you perceive your individuality and what may prevent you from freely expressing yourself as that person. We may look together at the underlying reasons behind the lack of self confidence, where it started and how this may have affected you. My therapeutic intent would be to help you to create or recover your self belief and to feel comfortable in being able to express yourself through your talents and personality with confidence.

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