Low self esteem/self-worth

Sufferers from low self esteem can carry with them debilitating assumptions about themselves in each environment that they are in at any time: it is as though there are constant messages that are negative about yourself and especially how others may perceive you. These messages are ingrained; they may represent a form of default that it is impossible to sideline.

These messages can make those who suffer from low self esteem feel utterly worthless; you may have little confidence under many circumstances. This may be when meeting new people or taking on a new job or role; you may not be able to believe that you are likeable or talented. Sufferers find it difficult to believe in themselves with pride as a unique human being of great worth.

Many find it difficult to accept and to be proud of the person that they truly are: they may have made life work for themselves with a variety of strategies to make life feel more comfortable, while suffering from great uncertainty on the inside.

The circumstances of your past and present life can be a significant element of how you now feel: you may have received unhelpful negative messages in the past that created this lack of self esteem and your current environment may perpetuate those assumptions. You may have found that you have been prone to bullying, that you feel insignificant and that compliments and praise for and about you are difficult to accept and believe.

I hope that our therapeutic relationship would enable you to look at the untruths which may have been spoken to you and help you to understand where your absence of self esteem and worth may have originated. I hope too that we might explore a way of being that gives flight to these lies and creates a space for your true self to blossom, so that in each environment you may give expression to that person you truly want to be and in which you might be confident and carefree.

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