Redundancy or any loss of employment will, in most circumstances, be a shock: an unwanted invasion of what may be an otherwise settled and secure life. It may feel utterly unwarranted and unfair; redundancy may be the last straw that coincides with other life difficulties.

Whatever the background redundancy is likely to create strong feelings both at the time and subsequently. Redundancy represents a significant loss which can represent the very bedrock of our lives in providing financially for your family, if you have one, and yourself.

There may be feelings of anger, loss of self-esteem, hopelessness, despair and others that may represent how deeply you are affected by a potentially life changing event. It is difficult to over-estimate the potential impact of redundancy or loss of employment in a life.

In working with you following redundancy, or during the process while you work out notice, I shall aim to develop a close therapeutic relationship with you from which to discuss both your feelings over this loss but also any worries that the change may imply to other areas of your life. Where you are finding it difficult to cope we will work together to look at how you may be able to bring hope, security and light back into your life. This may include strategies to assist you in looking at a working life that is rewarding and fulfilling and which may even involve different horizons.

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