Relationship issues

Relationship issues may generally be understood to be within an adult partnership relationship. However, relationship issues may be inter generational within a family; they may be in the work place or indeed where there is any expectation of a relationship which is closer than, say, a casual acquaintance. It may be that you find it difficult to form mutually respectful, trusting and fulfilling relationships with others generally.

The issues within the relationship may have taken the form of feeling that the other person is dismissive of you, takes you for granted, lies and is untrustworthy.

A child may find that parents or wider family let them down or misunderstand them. Parents may feel at their wits end in trying to communicate with their children or find that there is intolerable aggression or other difficult behaviours.

Relationship issues at their most extreme can be symptomised by abusive behaviour including physical, emotional, sexual and other forms of bullying and harassment. You may be male or you may be female, feeling trapped in a spiral of abuse and utterly without hope, imprisoned in your own life.

Relationship breakdown will almost always carry with it feelings of bewilderment, isolation, loneliness and other feelings of loss. You may feel that you want to resolve the issues that have arisen within the relationship; you may want to discuss these very real feelings in order to take difficult decisions in any of the situations I have described.

In working with you I would intend that we establish a secure, entirely confidential relationship. A relationship where you are able to feel safe enough to explore all your feelings: to establish a form of secure base from our therapeutic relationship and for your own self in your life. We may explore how these relationship issues have arisen in the present, whether there is any pattern and how this might be resolved. We may explore whether you have been left vulnerable to certain unhelpful relationships. Our aim together will be to help you to create and maintain fulfilling, lasting and warm relationships.

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