Religious and Spiritual abuse

Religious and spiritual abuse might be described as the result of a clash between two different worlds. The world of religion and spirituality may be very attractive as an environment of close personal relationships and support that it seems to offer. You may have found that the warmth and support of the interpersonal relationships created a needed sense of belonging.

Sufferers from religious and spiritual abuse may have been attracted by a welcoming, warm and supportive community. Religious and spiritual communities can offer a supportive sanctuary. You may have been feeling vulnerable or experienced a tragedy.

It may be that you have found it difficult to escape from being part of a religious community and/or family; you may even have suffered forms of abuse. You may have experienced directive or even threatening teaching using religious texts. This may have been confusing and be spoken by those who have supported you. It may be that you find the thought of leaving the supportive environment difficult.

You may have found that you feel abused by people who have been in a position of trust. It may be that you find some of the expectations and teaching does not make sense and you become shunned by those who supported you; leaders may have used religious texts as threatening and coercive weapons; you may not know what to believe and who to turn to.

I work with all faiths and denominations and hope to provide a safe, confidential therapeutic relationship where you are able to explore those areas where you feel troubled. This might be how to make sense of your beliefs and spirituality; it may also be to understand how you became vulnerable to this form of abuse. We would look at how you have been left feeling, how you have felt at other times in your life and together enable you to have a clear picture of who you are as a spiritual person of faith and as a your true self in the world.

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