Being noticed

Jan 24, 2018

Being noticed - Cheltenham Counsellor

– Revealing choices

Bright garish rooms, flamboyant cloths, red cars: we make colour choices all the time in our lives. As a Psychotherapist and Counsellor such choices and the resulting way in which we are seen can be revealing. Being noticed?

– The need to be noticed

Being ‘noticed’ can carry a lot of meaning. Why do some people routinely choose:

  • brightly coloured and wacky clothes;
  • an alternative hair colour;
  • statement glasses;
  • tattoos and piercings

– Consciously unconscious

Of course there is nothing wrong with any of these but is something being done consciously because of something unconscious? So much of what we do is both conscious and unconscious. What might be going on unconsciously?

  • Perhaps the flamboyant have a need to be noticed;
  • Perhaps that need became a reality when as a child fear and anxiety were expressed to a care-giver which was not comforted.
  • A child might not feel heard or noticed in the world and are crying out to be seen and accepted.

This will not always be the case but perhaps there are unconscious things that need addressing consciously.

If there are unconscious things that need addressing

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