Counsellor or Psychotherapist

Jun 9, 2015

This is a hotly contested debate between some who have had one form of training and others who have a had a different form of training.  The differentiation made by one professional organisation is based on the length of the counselling/psychotherapy.

It does not really matter what you call it, for example some people like having Psychotherapy and some prefer it to be called Counselling.

Whatever the name it is a relationship between two people, one of whom is a Counsellor/Therapist, with the intent of helping the other to make more of their life.  This can include understanding how a past influences a present; it may be uncovering the source of a pattern of behaviour that is based on feelings from past events; it may be helping someone back on course who has had a bit of a knock.

Whatever it is that brings someone to a talking therapy it does not matter one jot what it is called; it does matter forming a deep relationship and that clients can take confidence from the fact that such work has a sound neurological basis for it’s effectiveness.

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