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Your sexuality may be confusing and cause you considerable discomfort. You may wonder how best to resolve what may be conflicting messages in your mind.

Perhaps you have resolved how you feel personally about your sexuality; But now you are worrying about how to tell family, friends, colleagues etc. Will they respond negatively to someone being lesbian, gay or bi-sexual and find it difficult to accept.

– Lonely, rejected, betrayed

Issues of sexuality may leave you feeling isolated, separated from those who you know and love. It can leave you feeling lonely and rejected. Equally you may feel betrayed when the response has been unsupportive.

In working with you I hope to form a close and therapeutic relationship. One where you feel accepted as the person you have discovered yourself to be. We would explore how best to make your new life work for you. My hope is that you will feel secure in yourself and your relationships with others.

Sexuality issues; let me help

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