The Counsellor and Mental Health in the Workplace

Feb 21, 2017

During any single year 25% of the adult population will suffer from a Mental Health difficulty. 10% will suffer from a clinical depression sometimes combined with difficulties.

33% of the CEO’s of the Worlds top 500 companies will at some point suffer from a major break-down or depression.

As the Government has said, it has spent time and resource in developing personal physical health awareness but little on how we should look after our Mental Health.

These statistics and facts apply at least as much in business as outside. Employers have a duty of care for their employees mental health well-being; they can be guilty of disability discrimination if an employee is dismissed for any reason that could be linked to mental health.

As a Counsellor I provide boardroom and employee support not simply as a listening ear but also to assist HR departments and staff to understand the derivation of these afflictions. As a Counsellor I can provide Relational Literacy education for the workplace.

For example can you understand why it is that that you find it really easier to relate to one person but not to another; to ask someone to do something but not another?  Our reactions are all based on unconscious assumptions.  My job as a counsellor is to help you to understand why and how we develop our ways of relating and the assumptions that we make about others.

Anxiety, depression, and on the other side of the coin are largely based upon fear: needs which have been unmet in early life leaving us directly prone to mental health issues whether as victim or perpetrator or rescuer.

The cost to business of Counselling support is infinitesimal compared to the cost of a successful action for either actual or constructive dismissal.  It can maintain the integrity of the work force and enhance employer-employee relationships.

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