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Boarding school separation

Boarding school separation is a difficult subject. The person sent away may well be a high achiever in many areas especially at work and socially. There may be no indication that they are encountering emotional and relational difficulties.

However, the fact that you are reading this may mean that you may have suffered from being sent away; or you know someone. In my experience the impact on a child of being sent away at a young age is traumatic.

– Separated at a young age

The likelihood is you were separated at a young age; when a child might reasonably expect parents to be permanently available. Such early experiences will shape how you understand and relate to yourself and others.

– Coping and isolation

You may have had to learn how to cope with life away at school, possibly isolated and alone. Perhaps without being prepared. You may now be someone who is adept at fitting in with their surroundings, a people person who ‘gets on’ with everyone but struggles. On a serious level you may have suffered abuse including bullying, sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

In the present you may find it difficult to relate to others emotionally. Perhaps it has been difficult to support others in need. In such cases you may be prone to addictions including alcohol, drugs, pornography and others that help numb the pain.

In working together I would like to create a strong therapeutic bond to explore how life works in the present and any problems you are having. We would look at how long you have been aware of problems and also where they may have come from.

I would hope that our work would enable you to become authentically the person you want to be and free yourself from the effect of boarding school separation.

Isolated and alone; let me help

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