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A life of celebrity is different and unique. It has to be: you will have a sought after and unique talent that has been promoted, by definition, in and under a spotlight that has created your public profile.

What that can also bring is potentially unwanted attention. Invasion of your private life; a life that is both widely known and potentially viewed under an uncomfortable microscope. The dichotomy between two very separate elements of your life: the need for a high profile and your own need for a private life. 

We are not parented or trained to live a life in the glare of such exposure. This may well be extremely alluring when we first become noticeable, and perhaps rebalancing public and private lives becomes almost impossible when everyone wants a part of you. 

Becoming a family, having a partner, children and your extended family can all become caught up in the expectations of others that may feel out of control. How difficult it can be to retain a sense of reality when your life in your high-profile world can be so different to what you might crave in your private life.

In my experience it can be difficult to resist and balance these changes to your reality. Relationships, intimate, family and social, can become so difficult to create and maintain in an ordinary sense that does not become distorted by expectations, experience and everything that goes with a high profile. This is perhaps especially the case where a profile is expected of you but unwanted by you.


– How a celebrity Therapist can help

As an experienced counsellor and therapist, I provide a confidential space, a safe space, for you to be the person that you were truly born to be and truly want to be. To be able to say what you like about anything or anybody in complete safety. It is usually both therapeutic and cathartic to do just that whether to yell or to sit in peace; to reflect and to shed what may have become intolerable; to weep and to laugh; to simply talk about anything that is burdensome. 

I am here to support you. I will not judge nor criticise. I will hear you and see you for who you are and who you want to be. 

– Start your new journey

I am here to help you to make the most, for you, of the rest of your life.  

Celebrity and High Profile work by separate confidential negotiation.

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