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My spirituality is founded in the sacred purpose of relationship. While my spiritual foundations and upbringing has been within the Christian tradition my belief is that relationship as a spiritual purpose lies at the heart of each of the world’s main religions: relationship with your God (if you believe in a God), with others, with yourself and with the environment.

– The sacred purpose of relationship

To the extent that relationship lies at the heart of the Christian bible, and the teaching of other faiths, I might be considered a Christian counsellor. I believe that being in whole relationship is our purpose and that to be able to be in relationship with others we first have to be in whole relationship with ourselves.

The context for Christian counselling could be argued to be the same as counselling in a secular context or perhaps counselling without any faith. My own understanding of a combination of two well known Christian texts: ‘God is love’ (1 Jo 4:8) and ‘when two or three are gathered together in my name there am I’ (Mat 18:20) is arguably the basis of and for counselling.

– All faiths and beliefs

My own practice, while perhaps spiritually and philosophically informed by my understanding of the Christian bible, is however not specifically a Christian Counselling practice;

I welcome all faiths and beliefs including those who do not have a faith. It is however a practice where faith, spirituality and religion can be explored as a part of the self or on a wider more existential basis to consider the meaning of our existence.

Sadly there may also be occasions where those reading this page have suffered from spiritual or religious abuse. I have worked with this form of abuse and am willing to help you if that has been your experience.

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