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Stress Counselling

Stress may feel like the tension of a branch about to break. Perhaps a gradual accumulation of circumstances has become inescapable; weighing you down from morning to night. As a result of the built up pressure, it becomes hard to sleep. It is possible you feel preoccupied with thoughts from the problems and issues thrown at you. This may be in the work place, socially or in your relationships. Perhaps it is financially driven or from a host of other life circumstances.

– Coping for a long time

Stress affects people in different ways. While you may have coped for many years with stressful circumstances, only now does it become unbearable. Perhaps some circumstances affect you more than others. Could there be a pattern to what you find stressful? Consequently do you feel vulnerable to stress in certain situations?

As the stress becomes more evident and traumatic, it can lead to a breakdown. Physical movement may become difficult. It is likely your emotions swing wildly from tears to uncharacteristic outbursts. Perhaps you are unable to sleep, or relax. Alternatively you may feel constantly on high alert; desperate to escape your circumstances but unable to plan or concentrate.

– Cheltenham Counsellor is to help you feel supported and understood:

  • Working together will help you feel supported when addressing stressful topics; Looking at things in your past that influence how you react to circumstances today.
  • Understanding what is happening, what your feelings are and why it is so debilitating; Helping to bring back control over circumstances that have taken control of you.
  • Therefore looking at how your life might work better for you with some key changes.
Whatever the causes and circumstances, my hope is for you to achieve a high quality of life. With help change is truly possible.

Don't let the branch break; let me help

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