The One Way Sponge

Sep 15, 2015

The baby is born but even by that stage the brain may have experienced many experiences from it’s mother reacting to events and generating a bio-chemical response.

Imagine the brain after birth as a simple sponge of experience.  All the baby knows about life is what it experiences from the environment around it; the only feelings it can feel immediately are fear and comfort; the only meaning of experience is response to distress.  Un-quieted fear leads to unrequited love.  Unrequited love leads to anger, on-going fear, the defensive nature, the need to be valued for what we do (to engender love) rather than for who we are.

Counselling seeks to believe in the individual and the response to those harmed by non-love by the provision of an environment which the baby was denied; to allow the expression of feelings long locked away in deference to the protection of defences, whether aggressive or passive.

What the baby absorbs does not the pour away like water out of a sponge but hangs around until wrung out by a different experience that seeks to re-align the synaptic connections.

The counsellor seeks to enable the person who that baby really was born to be.

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