We Are All Unique

Jul 21, 2015

There seem to be so many involved in Mental Health that treat the human mind as something to be fixed prescriptively as though it were a machine in which nuts and bolts could be tightened or oiled or perhaps even have some pistons replaced.

Yet the generally accepted neuroscience is that each one of us is profoundly unique.  We are all the totality of our split second experiencing pretty much from the moment we were conceived.  Everything we encounter requires a response of some description in our brains through our neurons which in a sense mediate between our first life experience either positive or negative with our natural self preservation based fear.  The former will soothe and comfort the fear of the new born and the negative will exaggerate the adrenalin fuelled flight response.  And so our assumptions become set.

Each of us will have unique consequences, representing our presenting self in the moment, from our whole life experience of relationships.  This too is the power of the counselling therapeutic experience when placed in the hands of a counsellor who seeks to listen and to allow the client simply to be in a space of safety.

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