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I have specialist training in couples counselling from the Bath Centre for Relational Couples Therapy.

Those who come for couples counselling in Cheltenham want their relationship to work – and to work better. In fact so much so that they are prepared to risk seeing someone else to talk about what goes on between them that has become intolerable, unworkable and jeopardising.

In a couple we are two individuals who create a relationship. A relationship is a dynamic journey between two individuals who each have their own needs to be met and in that meeting is formed the relationship: sometimes fantastic, sometimes infuriating and sometimes intolerable.  The relationship becomes that which neither individual wishes it to be but which has become impossible to one or both parties.

Relationships are based on communication sometimes verbal, sometimes non-verbal, sometimes behavioural and often a combination of all three. What is said and what is intended to be meant and heard whether in content, tone, and manner becomes interpreted and heard differently. An intended supportive comment becomes a criticism; a request for help becomes trapping and controlling. What we say as partners in couples and what is heard by our partner can become unintended conflict with a dynamic of irreconcilable attack and defence.


How couples counselling in Cheltenham can help

In couples therapy I work with the intent that each individual will feel heard and understood. I will invite each partner to explain and express their feelings and concerns that have arisen for each of you that brings you for counselling support, reconciliation liberation. I will help each of you in both communicating within the relationship and listening to what is being said.

There may be experiential elements for each one of us that will lead us to feel differently about what is being communicated to that which is intended. This can lead to unexpected responses and reactions leading to the conflict and difficulties that come into couples counselling.  A part of my role may be to help translate responses which may be unintended or ‘triggered’ unexpectedly.

One thing I do know is that those who come for couples counselling in Cheltenham come to seek resolution and to achieve fulfilment for themselves and in the relationship. I look forward to working with all couples and to be at the beginning of that future journey.


Couples Counselling Cheltenham Fees

Couples Counselling Cheltenham (initial interview and session rate): from £80/session (60 minutes).  Concessionary rates available.

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