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Flourish in work

Flourish in work - Cheltenham Counsellor - Psychology and Counselling at work

– Workplace issues

Stress may spring to mind when counselling in the workplace is mentioned. There may be specific situations that create issues; performance / target pressures, redundancy, whistleblowing etc. I can help you flourish in work.

Workplace issues can generate symptoms similar to those stresses outside of work. The significance and severity may differ but the way we respond may be similar. Pressures from outside work are brought into the workplace affecting productivity for the individual, other employees and job satisfaction.

– Subtly tolerated behaviour

Bullying, prejudice (for a host of reasons), ‘gossiping’, aggression, anger and more my be subtly tolerated behaviours. In turn this may spread and affect the whole organisation.

Executive stress and burn out is not limited to top level managers. Chief Executives in senior positions may experience intolerable stress and realise too late.

– Protect wellbeing

Organisations have a statutory obligation to protect employee wellbeing. This is as well as the moral duty to enhance employees work lives. As such it represents an indispensable element of the best managed and most successful organisations.

With experience as a counsellor and business owner; I have advised the management of a number of businesses and lectured at an undergraduate level. My aim is to understand the person and work with their individuality. As such to make the most of the talents and gifts they bring to work; this is the foundation and success for businesses.

– Counselling in the workplace

Flourish in work can offer business support in managing the workforce in a variety of ways including:

  • staff welfare policies;
  • HR and business planning;
  • managing individuals to make the most of their potential in the workplace;
  • counselling support to employees at all levels whether work, personal or domestically derived.
  • dispute resolution and mediation, especially between individuals;
  • board level business management, observation and support;
  • regular executive counselling;
  • effective staff appraisals; relational training;
  • performance and incentive management;
  • negotiation and psychology;

Furthermore, the effective use of psychology at work helps in resolving disputes and protecting well-being. This ensures significant financial benefit to organisations.

At the heart of a fulfilled organisation are fulfilled individuals...

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